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Admissions - Why does Health Science have a different way of calculating eligibility?

Melody Engelbrecht -

The Faculty of Health Sciences aims to produce graduates able to contribute to the full range of health skills for the community.

Selection is aimed at diversity and excellent human potential, and to admit students who can succeed in the curricula. There is no discrimination on ethnic, gender or religious bases, and no quotas are applied.
It is ensured that no applicant is advantaged or disadvantaged by the admission process. Admission is determined by merit.

The faculty offers 8 degrees and can only admit approximately 550 students to 1st year in these degrees.

The University does not have the resources to increase this number nor is there space in the academic hospitals to train more.
Thus while the number of applicants to the Health Sciences has increased greatly over the last 10 years, the number of available places has stayed the same.

The implication of this is that most applicants cannot be accepted, not because they would not make excellent health professionals, but because of limited places.

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