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Applications - I have already completed a number of courses at another institution on a Masters of Management course. Can I get credits for these courses?

Melody Engelbrecht -

Requests for credit for courses completed at other institutions are assessed on an individual basis.

Essentially, the curricula and outcomes of the course at the other institution need be similar or the same as those of the course at P&DM before you are able to get credit. If you have completed previous degrees which have majored in subjects that P&DM teaches as part of courses, such as statistics, you may apply to get credit for this course.

In all cases, the application should be made to the Academic Director, in writing, and only after you have applied for and been accepted for a degree at P&DM. We recommend that you provide as much information as possible on the course that you did elsewhere, including learning outcomes and curriculum in order to assist the Academic Director in making his/her assessment.

You should remember that many of the subjects that are covered at P&DM are covered through the lens of management, rather than through the lens of a specific discipline such as law, accounting or science. Thus you will find that you may cover subjects that you have done elsewhere, but with a very different focus.

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