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Admissions - Can I study a degree with courses in two different broad areas if I am interested in them both i.e. Science and Humanities

Melody Engelbrecht -

There is the option with some degrees offered at the university to take courses from different faculties.
You may enrol with only one faculty, after which you may get permission to take courses from another faculty however, they should not clash with the necessary courses in the degree for which you have enrolled.

Please be aware that this option does not apply for all degrees offered at Wits and you will need permission to structure your curriculum in this way.

Prospective students should also be aware of the fact that some degrees have 'elective space' which means that you take courses over and above the required courses for your degree.
These courses may be in your faculty or in a different faculty depending on your degree. Please consult your Faculty Officer for the relevant details.

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